How Should I Manage My Home’s HVAC While on Vacation?

Boost your home’s energy efficiency no matter where you are.

Energy efficiency remains a priority for Columbia residents, because we know the fewer resources we use, the longer they’ll last. There are a dozen ways to conserve without inconveniencing yourself or your family, and that’s doubly true during a family vacation. There’s no reason to crank down the AC and let heat and humidity take over your home.

Consider the following ways you can manage your home’s HVAC use when you’re away:

Wi-Fi thermostats can be accessed from anywhere.

In the last five years or so, companies have created new mobile-accessible thermostats. These allow you to control heat and cooling features no matter where you are—from the comfort of the couch to halfway around the world. This is helpful for several reasons while you’re on vacation. For example, you can monitor your home’s temperature and HVAC use, making it easy to tell if there’s a problem.

Programmable thermostats can be set in advance.

A Canadian study found that only 10 percent of homeowners put their programmable thermostat features to work, but these really do have the ability to help you while you’re away. It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a few hours, days, or weeks. By turning the temp down during peak times of use, you can drastically reduce your bills while also using enough AC to keep indoor humidity low. This is important to prevent the growth of dangerous, destructive molds.