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Every home should have an air purification system to improve indoor air quality. Pollutants enter your home through open windows and doors, on your clothing after being outside the house, and on your indoor/outdoor pets. These pollutants circulate in your air through your HVAC system.

Your furnace filter catches most larger particles, but the filters used in most residential applications will not catch everything. Your circulated air still has viruses, bacteria, mold, chemicals, and small particles. It is highly recommended to have an AC air purifier installed.

We now offer purchase and installation of the best iWave air purification systems for your HVAC system. iWave offers two options between which we can upgrade most HVAC systems, including ductless systems. iWave purifiers use powerful patented technology that will improve your air quality better than any other HVAC purification system.

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iWave Air Purifiers

iWave purifiers have patented engineering to neutralize indoor air pollutants using powerful and unique ionizing technology. These air purifying devices have been independently reviewed and found to be effective in filtering out chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and mold. Most recent studies have shown the iWave can render 99.4% of the virus that causes Covid-19 inactive in 30 minutes! 

Both the iWave M and the iWave R use unique bipolar ionizing technology to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions, whereas similar purifiers generate only negative ions. These ions are able to clean the air by breaking down pollutants into harmless compounds.

This innovative technology produces many advantages over other filtration systems, including:

  • Long-lasting protection with little maintenance or replacement parts
  • Bands together small particles and allergens so that they are large enough to be caught by your furnace filter
  • Kills bacteria, mold, and viruses by removing hydrogen particles, taking away their energy source
  • No harmful byproducts, such as ozone
  • Universal voltage input for flexibility appropriate for all HVAC systems
  • Three-year warranty

iWave purification systems are more effective than similar systems, and many more times effective than your furnace filter alone. Having cleaner air can benefit your home, health, and the HVAC system itself.

Some of the health benefits of iWave devices include:

  • Fewer illnesses, especially if you spend most of your time at home
  • Decreased dependency on asthma rescue inhalers or breathing treatments
  • Decreased dependency on allergy medications
  • May reduce the need for supplemental oxygen
  • Improves breathing, especially for people with respiratory illnesses or conditions
  • Allows you to sleep more deeply, leaving you feeling rested and ready to face your day

iWave purifiers also benefit your AC unit. The devices are installed in your AC unit so that air passes through the ionizing purifier before going through the furnace filter, circulating through your AC, and released back into your home. The circulation of cleaner air lengthens the life of your AC system and reduces the need for maintenance.

iWave R and iWave M models are very similar in how they work, but they differ in many ways. We can help you determine the right model for your indoor air quality needs by assessing your current air quality and HVAC system.

iWave M for Ductless HVAC Systems

The iWave M is the most universal AC air purification system available. It is suitable for almost any HVAC system, although it is specifically appropriate for ductless homes. With the flexible bipolar ionizing bar, the iWave M is compact and flexible for ease of installation in most HVAC systems.

The unique features of the iWave M air purifier include:

  • Ionizing bar circuit can be folded to any length in the field, so it will fit most systems with cooling coils up to 36”
  • Creates up to 240 million ions/cc per foot of flexible ribbon circuit
  • Durable and chemical resistant for maintenance free and long-term use
  • Kills and removes mold that is a big problem for ductless systems

Many residences and commercial buildings have ductless systems. The iWave M is appropriate for mini-split, VRF, and PTAC systems. Residential mini-split systems have become very popular because they don’t require any adapting, upgrading, or installation of ductwork, lowering the cost of installation.

While there are a few other air purifiers out there for mini-split systems, those PHI systems only generate negative ions as opposed to iWave’s bipolar ionization. Both PHI technology and iWave devices imitate nature’s method of cleaning air, but unlike PHI and nature iWave does not produce byproducts like ozone.

iWave R for Duct HVAC Systems

Although the iWave M generates more ions, the iWave R is suitable for many residential HVAC systems. It is a much more attractive option for duct systems than the iWave M because it is still effective but costs several hundred dollars less to purchase and install.

The unique features of iWave R purifiers include:

  • Self-cleaning brush system keeps the iWave R clean to eliminate the need for maintenance
  • Easy and fast installation, the iWave R mounts to cooling coils using magnets
  • Generates 160 million ions/cc

The iWave R is not as universal as other models, but it is highly effective for HVAC systems using ductwork. It is not appropriate for ductless systems. This model is installed in the ductwork so that air passes through it before entering the AC unit. The self-cleaning feature was developed as a response to the dust and other small particles that are present in air ducts. It allows you to continually use the purifier without the need for cleaning and maintenance.


What is the cheapest effective air purifier for AC units?

The iWave R is extremely inexpensive, with a purchase and installation cost of a few hundred dollars. However, it is only appropriate for duct residential systems. If you have a ductless system, you should get the iWave M, which is much more expensive. Both of these systems are several hundred dollars or more cheaper than similar HVAC air purifiers.

What does bipolar ionization mean?

Whereas PHI air purifiers for ductless systems generate only negative ions, iWave generates both positive and negative ions in equal amounts. This is much more effective for cleaning the air than similar products.

What is the difference between the iWave R and iWave M?

iWave R is for duct systems, while iWave M is suitable for nearly all systems, including ductless. The iWave M generates more ions per cc per foot of ribbon, but this is not necessary for most residential applications.

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