The Biggest Truths About Smart Thermostats

Before you add a smart thermostat to your home’s climate control system, figure out the best ways to put it to use. Maximize your investment by putting these simple tips in motion. Your pocketbook and your daily comfort depend on it.

Navigate the Learning Curve

Each model of smart thermostat has its own methods for setting temperature controls, enabling Wi-Fi capabilities, and turning on any predictive features. Learning how to do these things isn’t difficult, but it is different from one model to the next. Your thermostat won’t provide the same benefits if you’re treating it like any old thermostat, so do yourself a favor and learn the ropes. A Carolina Comfort, Inc., technician can help show you the basics.


Download Compatible Mobile Apps

Many smart thermostats can be accessed and controlled via mobile device. Using an app on your smartphone, for instance, you can adjust the temperature in your home – whether you’re sitting on the couch or out of the house. Easily get the house ready for guests or cut back on your energy use if you’re staying late at work. By taking full advantage of away-from-home features, you can save a bundle and still make sure your friends and family always feel comfortable.

Maintain the perfect indoor climate. Contact us for more information on installing a smart thermostat in your home today.

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