Maintenance agreements can extend the life of any heating or cooling unit

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Running a fan does not truly cool a room. Instead, it simply increases the evaporation of sweat from your body – assuming you are within range of the circulated air. This increase in evaporation allows your body to lose its own heat faster, and makes you feel cooler.
With that in mind, you can save energy if you are very careful to only run fans in the rooms you are actually in – and if you adjust the thermostat to allow the air conditioner to turn off at a higher actual temperature. Most people, however, are not meticulous about turning off their fans when they leave a room. When fans are left on when no one is around to enjoy their breezes, energy bills go up.


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hvac repair

Maintenance agreements can extend the life of any heating or cooling unit.

Maintenance agreements will help your heating and cooling systems last as long as possible, but eventually ,they will need to be replaced. Keep your eye out for typical warning signs of a failing system to prevent yourself from a nasty surprise at the most inconvenient time. In addition, industry experts have an easy method for determining when you should upgrade.


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Follow these steps to figure out how long your system should last:


Consider the reputation of the model and brand.

Enrolling in maintenance agreements should help your system last as long as possible, but how much is possible depends largely on the quality of construction of an HVAC unit. An experienced repair shop can give you a good opinion of how much life you can expect to see for a particular model, as can online reviews.


Pay attention to performance.

Have your thermostat habits started changing? Have your bills? When your system first begins to wear out, you’ll notice it won’t adequately cool your house as it did in the past. You’ll also find yourself spending more and more on your energy bills. It’s one of the biggest reasons to replace a struggling AC with a newer, more efficient option.


Seek out expert advice.

Enrolling in the Cool Zone will give you access to more than just professional preventive maintenance visits and related perks. You’ll have the benefit of an educated opinion on your system’s life. Talk to your technician if you’re concerned about how long your HVAC system will last before needing to be replaced.


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