Here Comes the Sun! The Seemingly Endless Benefits of Residential Solar Power

Residential solar power ends your utility bill woes.

Solar Power can change the way we fund our residential energy needs and help us become more self-sufficient. By producing power with solar panels and solar cells, residential renewable energy can reduce the amount of money we waste on monthly power bills while also granting homeowners more control over their own energy needs.

Here are just a few of the reasons why residential solar power is one of the best decisions you can make:

Residential solar power isn’t just beneficial to the environment

It’s great to know that your decisions regarding energy production make your home a more efficient and environmentally friendly place. It’s a chance to change the way people think about energy and the structure of supplying power on a large scale. But solar power is also a great financial decision, and a great backup power source in emergency situations.

Property Value

Residential solar energy is a popular feature in the housing market. Installing solar energy equipment is a guaranteed way to increase the value of your home and property while also cashing in on tax rebates and discounts. These incentives are likely to diminish over time as residential solar energy becomes more commonplace, so acting now will save money today and make money when the time comes to sell.

Solar Power and Versatility. Residential solar power has many applications. Solar thermal systems provide hot water that can account for almost 70% of residential needs in a single year. Solar electric systems such as panels or cells can generate electricity on a daily basis and provide enough power to run an entire home.

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