On a Budget? Justifying the Cost of a Heating Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance is an investment you make to keep your future bills low. Not only does it do its stated job of preventing major repairs and surprise breakdowns, but it helps your HVAC system run at maximum efficiency. Enjoy lower utility bills and the security of a well-running furnace, heat pump, or air conditioning unit.

When to Schedule Preventive Visits

It’s best to schedule preventive maintenance at times when your equipment will be easy to service, and also when service companies will have the least work. Ultimately, this plan saves you time and ensures your home gets your technician’s full attention. If a problem is uncovered, there will be people available to get repairs done right away, before the nasty weather sets in.

preventative maintenance plan

Generally speaking, both fall and spring are good times of year to perform regular maintenance. They give your service team plenty of time to find problems and source any parts needed to solve them. Find a good company in advance, and ask about preventive specials held throughout the year.

What Tasks Are Performed

Yearly maintenance on heating equipment often involves changing filters, checking hoses and tubes for blockages, flushing out various internal parts of a system, checking or changing fuses, and making sure the thermostat is properly controlling your unit.

For cooling equipment, the checkup includes changing air filters, clearing exterior units of debris, and assessing electronics are working correctly.

Where professionals really put your investment to work is the ability to spot unusual wear and tear before a problem occurs. Most homeowners can’t detect a failing motor, or won’t have the experience to realize electronics are shorting out. Because of this, even experience home handymen should consider a yearly system checkup.

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