Going Green and Getting Some Green: The Real Deal on Solar Incentives

Hey, South Carolinians: going green with your HVAC system isn’t just a good idea for the environment – it’s also a great idea for your wallet! There are a bunch of important solar incentives available that can offset the costs of new solar HVAC equipment. Carolina Comfort, Inc. has helped families enjoy the short- and long-term benefits of making the move to greener practices, saving money and the planet in the process. Learn how you can take advantage of these measures today.

Federal HVAC Credit – 25C

The federal government is fully invested in helping residents and business owners reduce the pollution they create. One way of doing this is by providing solar incentives to help pay for the installation of new, greener HVAC equipment. You can save up to $300 today on the purchase of a new solar-ready air conditioner or heat pump unit.

That isn’t the only way you save, however. Once installed, these models use less electricity so your home stays cool and comfortable while your bills stay low.

Federal Solar Credit – 25D

An additional credit allows for up to 30% of the purchase price of solar components, plus an additional 9% off of solar-ready units to be taken off your tax bill. By mixing and matching products, Carolina Comfort, Inc. can help your new purchases qualify for both credits, in addition to other financial incentives available through state and local agencies.

Call Carolina Comfort, Inc. to discuss the latest solar incentives in your area.