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Winters are symbolized by the cold breeze, shivering teeth, hot cups of cocoa – and a working furnace heating system. Without you noticing, your furnace is the primary reason your home feels comfortable even when the temperature drops, ensuring you remain cozy even when its snowing outside.

Carolina Comfort, Inc. has passionately served as the region’s premium residential furnace repair and installation services provider for the past 20 years.

From repairing a natural gas furnace to installing one of the latest models of electric furnaces – we are well versed with the technicalities and issues faced by our customers and more than willing to solve them immediately.

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Electric, Gas, or Fuel Oil – Which Is The Best Furnace For Me?

If the temperatures outside are truly frigid, every minute without warmth is tormenting. And it’s not just the body that suffers but several other things, such as the pipelines that risk being frozen and eventually cracking open. Burst pipes cost people thousands of dollars each year. With a the correct furnace installed and maintained, you wouldn’t have to go through such ordeal in the first place.

When looking for a furnace, people are confused about which would be best for them. Here is your guide to the different furnace types.


Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are a popular choice across the country, with estimates stating that they heat around half of all homes in the United States.

Due to its commonplace usage, gas is readily available through an underground pipeline. Gas furnaces have the advantage of being convenient to users while also providing a consistent fuel supply.

The installation of a gas furnace heating system, however, requires additional pipe and ventilation work with periodic cleaning for optimal functioning.

Fuel Oil Furnaces

Fuel oil furnaces were one of the earliest residential furnaces used to heat buildings and homes. Fuel oil furnaces require users to store the fuel source in a safe storage location, such as a tank, to provide constant power.

Then there is an intricate installation method, following by periodic maintenance which also requires filter changes. The operational cost for a fuel oil furnace depends on the cost of oil, and its availability – both of which may depend on international market forces.

Electric Furnaces


Electric furnaces are the latest in the line of furnace heating systems, powered by a steady electric connection with the added option of being powered by solar panels. Usually compact and easy to install, these energy efficient furnaces feature easier maintenance as compared to gas and fuel oil furnaces.

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Our expertise has garnered multiple acclaims that further fuel our mission to deliver the best value to our customers. With 2 decades of experience in the industry, our services are unbeatable in terms of cost and customer satisfaction. For more information on the type of furnace that will best suit your needs and its installation, maintenance, and average utility costs, get in touch with our experts.

Whether you want to get your furnace fixed, or need advice regarding which furnace to choose – contact us now for a comprehensive solution to all your residential and commercial furnace needs!



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