Is It Worth It To Buy Expensive Air Filters?

Good indoor air quality is essential to the maintaining a healthy environment in your home. Of the many things contributing to your home’s air quality, the most basic is the simple air filter. When your AC or heating system cools or heats air, it sucks air through the air filter. A dirty or clogged air filter is never good for your HVAC system, and these filters must be changed regularly. And if you choose to use an expensive air filter over a cheap one, these monthly routines can get expensive quickly. It begs the question: is it worth it to buy expensive air filters?

How Often Do You Want To Change Filters?

The old rule of thumb is air filters should be changed once a month. When looking at filters at the store, note the manufacturer’s recommendations for each specific filter. But do consider that if you go with a High-Efficiency Particulate Filter (HEPA), the most expensive on the market, they typically last twice as long as a regular filter. So if you choose to go expensive, it might make sense to go all out on HEPA filters and buy filters less often.

How Clean Do You Want Your Air?

While the cheapest generic filters trap less than 20% of contaminants, a medium-grade pleated filter can trap about 50% of contaminants, and a HEPA filter even more.

Does Anyone in Your Home Have Respiratory Problems?

If anyone living in your home has respiratory problems, the quality of your home’s air is of much higher priority. In this case, a HEPA filters is highly recommended, because an extra $30 per month is absolutely worth the health of yourself or a loved one.


The unique situation of yourself and your family definitely determines the route to go, but those with respiratory problems have the most to gain from using expensive air filters in a heating and cooling system. Weigh the health situation of your family vs. its financial situation and see what fits for you!

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