Welcome to Comfy’s Corner!

This page is dedicated to our hardworking mascot Comfy the Bear! Here is where you will be able to see all the events and journeys Comfy has been on throughout his time at Carolina Comfort. Comfy has always had that “go-getter” attitude with the desire to help others in mind. Comfy understands helping others should be above all else in life and that is what he takes pride in doing. So if you ever see Comfy out and about, give him a hug, and snap a picture with him, and send it to us so we can post them here. And remember, we’re not comfortable until you are!

Check Out What Comfy the Bear Has Been Up To!

Lexington County Blowfish Baseball Game

Lexington County Blowfish Baseball Gallery – During this last summer Comfy made his debut at the Lexington County Blowfish! He and Blowie quickly became great friends. Here are some pictures of their summer together.

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