Can a Dehumidifier Save Me Money on My Utility Bill?

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to mean HVAC replacement.

Energy efficiency relates to how well your AC cools your home given the amount of energy it uses. When it needs less energy to get the job done, a system is considered more energy efficient. Dehumidifiers help homeowners save money while staying comfortable by giving any air conditioner an efficiency boost.

The following reasons make dry air feel much cooler than moist air:

We expect humid air to feel hotter.

Columbia residents aren’t strangers to hot and humid weather. Being conditioned to the impact of high moisture content in the air comes with expectations, and unfortunately, our expectations can color our everyday experiences. In short, when you think the temperature to be higher, it generally feels like it whether it really is or not.

Humid air is filled with moisture, leaving little room for sweat to evaporate.

Along with our expectations is the real science behind heat and humidity. Humans cool themselves by sweating into the air. When the humidity is high, sweat stays on our skin.

Sweat regulates body heat.

As sweat pools on the body, it traps in our natural warmth. In contrast, when you sweat, that heat is released from the body, and we naturally cool down. As a dehumidifier lowers the moisture in the air, it’s easier for people to sweat and shed heat, effectively lowering their temperatures and feeling cooler despite no change to the thermostat.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency today with help from Carolina Comfort, Inc. Our friendly team of HVAC experts understands the challenge high humidity levels can be to Columbia homeowners and residents, and we have the practical solutions to help.