What Kind of Air Purifier Is Best If You Have Allergies?

How air filters can improve indoor air quality.

Columbia residents don’t have to suffer with poor indoor air quality that often leads to aggravated allergies. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get allergy relief from indoor pollutants either. When you choose to work with indoor air quality professionals to find the most helpful solution right away, every dollar you spend can be put to good use. The result? Cleaner air and fewer allergy symptoms—all without breaking the bank!

Discover how the best air filters on the market really work to clean the air in your home and keep you healthier:
  • Correct placement leads to clean air. Putting your air filter in the right place will help remove the most contaminants from your indoor air. Because cooled and heated air is piped throughout your home, it makes a lot of sense to use air purifiers that attach to your HVAC equipment.
  • Combining filters and UV technology packs a powerful punch. Some of today’s best units have two components, one for clearing contaminants from the air and another for neutralizing them. Fresh-Aire UV makes several units that utilize these systems while connecting to existing ductwork.
  • Spot treat high-risk areas for extra protection. A professional can help you discover what’s contaminating the air in your home. This gives you a starting point for controlling it. For instance, you’ll know whether to upgrade your stove’s range hood or whether you have mold issues taking root in your ducts. Even indoor components for mini-split systems can have a UV element added to the to help control what you breath.

Beef up on your indoor air protection. If you are ready to experience the healthiest air possible in your home or business, contact Carolina Comfort, Inc., today to schedule a visit from their indoor air quality experts.