3 Things You Must Know About Heating and Air Maintenance

A smart thermostat can maximize the impact of your HVAC equipment. Every dollar you spend on heating and cooling should go toward making your home more comfortable, unfortunately some factors cause these dollars to go elsewhere. Due to drafts and odd property characteristics, your energy costs might be much higher than they should be. A smart thermostat can help ensure the dollars you spend go directly towards making the most of your home’s HVAC. Pay attention to these three facts before changing your equipment setup:

1. Smart thermostats can remind you of regular maintenance tasks.

These digital devices are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. They make it simple to remember regular maintenance, as they’re set to automate certain tasks, such as emailing or texting you when it’s time to change filters.

2. Smart thermostats are often predictive.

Do you turn the heat down every day when you leave for work? After a few days, you won’t have to. Your thermostat will take over so you never have to worry about keeping an empty house warm. This is especially important because the EPA has stated that the impact even a few degrees has on your utility bill, is quite significant. By lowering the heat just a few degrees during the day, you can save 10 percent of your costs or more.

3. Smart thermostats can be set to zones.

The most effective way to heat or cool your home is by creating HVAC zones where each room has its own schedule. If you’re hot in the kitchen and cold in the bathroom, your smart thermostat can allow you to adjust the temperatures separately. This leads to maximum comfort and minimal waste.

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