3 Signs that Poor Indoor Air Quality May Be Affecting Your Health

Do you have allergies, a cold, or poor indoor air quality?

If you’ve been feeling sick lately, the culprit may be poor indoor air quality. Carolina Comfort, Inc., will help you determine whether your itchy eyes and stuffy nose are due to allergies or virus, or if you need to invest in air filtering and humidity adjusting equipment. Thankfully, these elements are affordable, easy to come by, and will improve your symptoms overnight.

Here are three signs that poor indoor air quality is hurting your health:

1. Your eyes, nose, and throat are irritated when you’re at home.

Because dry air wicks moisture away from other materials, you may experience sore, red eyes or a scratchy or itchy nose or throat if the humidity in your home is too low. In addition, your skin, hair, and nails will get dry over time, and various furnishings in your home can be damaged.

2. You have mysterious flu symptoms or breathing issues you can’t get rid of.

Too much moisture in the air can cause its own problems. Technically, the sweet spot is 30 – 60 percent, and humidity control equipment can help you maintain healthy levels without putting you in the poor house. It may also keep you out of the hospital, as too much moisture leads to mold growth. While black mold is linked to serious disease, such as heart problems, asthma and even cancer, other types of mold can also make you sick.

3. You suffer from persistent coughs, sneezing, or headaches when you’re indoors.

Your indoor air is often polluted by common items. Cleaners, office equipment, paint, and pesticides can all make your indoor air unsafe. An air filtration device can either make a difference as a stand-alone or as part of your HVAC system. These help you clean up the indoor air without having to make big lifestyle changes.