3 Incredibly Useful Commercial Solar Facts for Small Businesses

Commercial solar systems have similar benefits to those homeowners can take advantage of, but they exist on a much larger scale. Before you write off the idea of going green, consider the practical consequences. Not only do you reduce your reliance on limited natural resources, you cut your bills, improve property value, and create the potential for another sales product.

1. Solar Incentives Help Pay for Systems

Federal, state, and community governments and organizations give you the ability to afford expensive solar module systems by offering to cover a portion of your initial expenses. These come by way of tax credits, in-store rebates, and community grants. Carolina Comfort, Inc. can help inform you about the opportunities currently available in our area.

2. Property Value Goes Up Without Tax Adjustments

In many communities, property improvements based on green technology are protected from raised tax rates. You don’t have to worry about the result of installing new heating and cooling equipment. You will, however, be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits.

3. Utilities Will Buy Extra Power

While more common with wind turbines than solar systems, the end result is the same. Your local energy company is legally obligated to buy your extra power at traditional rates. Use incentives to build a solar setup that surpasses your monthly expenses, and you’ll actually make money by going green.

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